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The Agricultural Company Micheloni has started activities in the early twentieth century, when Pietro Micheloni, after several years spent working at Count Acquarone’s farmstead, decided to gain some of countryside lands, closer to the place he was born: Pian di Castagnè, a hamlet located in the Municipality of Mezzane di Sotto (VR).  Here, Pietro had started to be a self-employed farmer.  Moreover Pietro Micheloni handed down the fascination for the agricultural activities to his son Roberto. Roberto Micheloni has been able to extend the ownership plot of land in 12 hectares, dedicated to growing cherry trees , olives and vines. Finally Roberto has been joined by his son Andrea in the management of their company. Today Andrea expect the delicate and ambitious task of preserving and - if possible - to further develop the precious wealth of property, tradition and expertise that before his grandfather and then his father have built over many years of commitment and work. Andrea’s task can find its starting point in the key feature of the farm Micheloni , namely that of being a reality in typical family run - for this reason - has set as its main objective to provide the final consumer with a product guaranteed , both in terms of the quality that of the origin. Consistently to the history and the reference values ​​of the family, Company Micheloni’ present and future are closely connected to the establishment and consolidation of a ready-reference with the customer, so that the diary-products come directly to the final consumer. That is why, from some years the Agricultural Company Micheloni gives part of the production to nearby farmer companies and it sells its products directly to private buyers.

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