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In particular, the the production flagship is undoubtedly the extra-virgin olive oil IL PIAN, marketed - starting from vintage "2013/2014 - with their own brand of the Azienda Agricola Micheloni. It is an oil produced exclusively from olives harvested on land owned by the Company, including in d.o.p. area "Veneto Valpolicella". At present the olive groves consists in a thousand olive trees, of an average age of about 30 years and they are formed by different cultivars: Grignano plants (a native cultivar of the area east of Verona) that account for 60% of the total, while the remaining 40% it is composed by varieties such as crushers, Favarol, ilex, leccino, gentile and Pendolino. The result of the harvest is an oil delicate, fruity, with hints also sweetish, such as almonds, thanks to the right combination of varieties typical of the area of ​​production (in particular, Grignano Frantoio and Pendolino). These features make IL PIAN an original product, especially it can be well matched with delicate foods - such as white meat, boiled shellfish, salmon or grilled swordfish - but also it is suitable for grilled meats (maybe not well cooked) and the cheeses medium-aged, between 1 and 6 months.


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